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Celibacy Rules

If you aren't getting any

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Celibacy Rules! A short sexy/sexless story

Once there were three girls. They talked about things like man panties over Shiner (a good Texan beer) at Valhalla (their bar). Not all of these cultured ladies followed the path of celibacy, but all were afflicted with a similar mild obessession with sex. They made T-Shirts that reflected their individual catch-phrases with sparkly lameé that read many things such as "Vagina!" (with a glittery heart above the i) "Celibacy Rules!" "I heart pirates" "Not a slut. LUSH!" "I heart big words."

They knew the Valhalla stories -- sometimes known as Tiff sagas -- that often offended and worried the bartender -- sometimes called self-satisfied hipster -- had to be recorded for posterity.

The author of the Tiff sagas made a livejournal community to celebrate her then-intact celibacy and the Tiff sagas.

The community grew as wonderful friends of the girls and wonderful previously-unknown livejournal users joined. They shared the stories of their lives and their sex (or lack of it) and it became a fun, comfortable community in which to discuss their approaches to the sex they got as determined by the sex-nazi. ("You get three-quarters sex. I am the sex nazi.")

Celibacy rules welcomes all very open-minded individuals to discuss their sex, their three-quarters sex, their non-sex and the sex of others in our friendly community.

1. Talk about your sex/love life or lack thereof.
2. Talk about issues in sex/love/dating/being single/being in a relationship/being married/pregnant/etc.
3. Funny stories about any subject matter are accepted.
4. Don't be dumb.
(If you are dumb, we will warn you about your stupidity, and then you will be kicked out)